How to Request a Custom Design

If you would like to customize one of our designs for your school or team please email us at with the following information. 

Information Needed for Custom Apparel Design Mock-Up (HTV Designs or Sublimation Designs):

  1. Tell me the name of the design option posted on our website that you would like to customize
  2. Tell me the mascot name needed for the design mock-up
  3. Tell me the colors of your team or mascot
  4. Tell me the name of your city needed for the design (if applicable)
  5. Tell me the name of your state needed for the design (if applicable)
  6. Tell me the t-shirt color desired for the design mock-up
  7. Please include any additional specific information. Be as specific as possible for your design to be created as any changes could add another 7 business days to be redesigned.

Once I have all of this information, I will contact my design vendor to create the mock-up for you.  The turnaround time from my designer back to me can be up to 7 business days.  Once I receive the completed mock-up back from my designer, I will email you with the mock-up.  From there we can modify or tweak any small design elements.  The vendor only allows a one-time modification before requiring a whole new mock-up request.

Once we have the design finalized, I will contact my vendor who will then begin the process of printing the design transfers.  There is a minimum requirement from my vendor for us to purchase 4 adult design transfers.  Therefore, it is HIGHLY encouraged that you email, call, text, and publicize as much as necessary to meet that 4 adult order minimum.  I don't require that you personally order 4 adult shirts at this time.  After we meet that minimum, the design can be reordered at any time with no minimum requirement.  

I usually receive the HTV transfers back from my vendor within 7-10 business days.  From there, I personally press the designs on your chosen shirt style/color and get the new apparel to you the customer either through local pick-up in Yutan, NE, or via mail service.  This whole process can take up to 3 weeks so please keep this in mind when ordering.

If you have any additional questions about this process, please email me at